Assistant Chief DA Thien Ho is running for District Attorney to bring experience and a balanced approach to protecting our communities, provide justice for victims and ensure our system serves everyone equally.
As Sacramento County District Attorney, Thien Ho will prioritize:

Public Safety & Accountability

  • Create a Crime Strategies Unit that utilizes data analytics to identify trends and efficiently combat crimes involving illegal guns, gang violence, and rampant theft.

  • Institute a bail policy that is equitable to all communities while ensuring public safety and accountability. We must determine who stays in jail pretrial based on their risk to public safety and not by how much they have in their bank account.

  • Protect victims, especially those of violent crimes such as domestic violence, sexual assault and homicides, making sure that their voices are heard and never silenced.

Tackle the Homeless Crisis

  • Expand the Mental Health Treatment Court, where judges can collaborate with health professionals and all the parties to oversee a comprehensive treatment and rehabilitation plan.

  • Build addiction and mental health facilities that can serve as secure treatment sanctuaries, not jails or prisons.

  • Expand programs that divert homeless defendants away from incarceration into mental health and drug treatment programs.

  • Expand state-funded treatment programs for seriously addicted drug users, including residential treatment.

  • Make it easier to allow family members and health professionals to provide care and treatment for the seriously mentally ill and addicted .

Promote Rehabilitation & Equity

  • Create a Neighborhood Court that diverts first time, non-violent misdemeanor offenders to an alternative court run by local community panelists, who hold participants accountable by helping them recognize the harms caused by their conduct and create collaborative solutions that are restorative rather than punitive.


  • Create a pilot program in collaboration with businesses and trade organizations to provide minors in the juvenile system job training and placement.

Build Lasting Relationships & Trust with ALL Communities

  • Create a District Attorney Advisory Council composed of community leaders and stakeholders from diverse communities. The mission of the council is to seek fair and equal justice, facilitate understanding, ensure open communication, and promote community participation, education and diversity with the criminal justice system.

  • Create a Regional Coalition of Tolerance to combat hate crimes by bringing together community-based organizations and public servants to coordinate outreach, education and dialogue to better prevent and intervene against intolerance.